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Springfield Care Home

Garforth, Leeds



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Senior Night Care Assistant



Responsible to the Registered Manager

Purpose of the Position

To offer excellent quality care to our residents maintaining their physical and emotional wellbeing within a safe and friendly environment, allowing them personal choices to retain their personhood, to maintain the dignity of our residents and act with respect at all times.

To support the Registered Manager to ensure the above remit is maintained.  To mentor and assist new and less experienced members of staff and act as a role model for excellent quality care.  To work effectively with ancillary staff to ensure the environment is maintained to a high standard.

To maintain the ethos of Springfield Care Home and to champion a person centred approach to all aspects of care, keeping the residents at the centre of any care delivered.

To enhance personal skills and training and actively pursue continual professional development opportunities.

To ensure you are an ambassador for Springfield Care Home when dealing with any health and social care colleagues, relatives, friends and advocates of our residents, both inside and outside of the premises.

To be able to physically undertake all care tasks attributed to all residential and EMI Care.

Principle Duties

  • Mentoring and peer supervising care workers and ensuring the correct documentation is completed and any problems, issues or concerns are reported to shift leader.
  • Ensuring care and ancillary staff feel supported to complete their roles and are able to discuss any concerns issues or problems.  To ensure communication lines are open and all staff are aware of any information appertaining to the care and wellbeing of the residents, changes to work procedures, or any changes to the working environment.
  • Quality care for all residents including the correct use of moving and handling equipment, risk assessments when caring for residents who may be at risk of falls, or who may harm themselves or others, maintaining excellent standards of personal care, ensuring all residents have access to the local community, garden, and the outside world.
  • Ensuring residents have food and drink in a method that they can manage, or with assistance.  Reading and maintaining the correct documentation for all aspects of resident care, being able to offer support, practically and emotionally and to enlist the help of others when necessary, such as doctors, district nurses, counsellors, family members, ensuring residents personal belongings and clothing are kept safe and treated with respect and maintained when necessary.
  • Ensuring all the home’s policies and procedures are adhered to and the ethos of person centred care is adapted to all care tasks.  To maintain the emotional and physical health of residents and offer opportunities for physical and mental stimulation throughout the care shift.  To ensure care of a resident is of an excellent quality from admission through to end of life care.
  • Maintaining a safe, clean environment including assisting with tasks to ensure the environment is maintained to an excellent standard, waste is disposed of correctly.
  • Ensuring communal areas are regularly cleaned and maintained throughout the shift and that equipment is available to ensure all care and cleaning tasks can be undertaken.
  • Notifying management if equipment or facilities within the care home need attention, i.e. broken equipment, any malfunction of the heating, lighting, call bell etc and repairs needed to equipment used for moving and handling.
  • When qualified with accredited training, to ensure medication is administered correctly and safely and any issues reported to management immediately. 
  • To ensure all documentation is completed correctly and any queries with medication management raised to the Deputy Manager or Registered Manager immediately in writing.
  • To ensure all food and drinks are served in the preferred method, taking into account residents’ nutritional needs, abilities, and personal likes and dislikes. 
  • To ensure all food and drink is served maintaining the guidelines of food hygiene and in a way that promotes healthy eating, gives residents time to finish their meal, and promotes a person centred approach.
  • To maintain the home’s approach to promoting community life by welcoming visitors with a professional approach, offering them refreshments, and ensuring where available, they have private space to speak to their loved one if needed. 
  • To ensure visitors have signed in the visitor’s book for fire regulation purposes and to ensure the home is displayed in a welcoming manner.

Place of work

The place of work is Springfield Care Home, Garforth.  However, you may be asked to accompany a resident to any local hospital during your shift in line with the home’s ethos of escorting all residents to hospital.  You may be required to travel to other areas for the purposes of training and development.


  • Inspire and motivate the team and teach other staff in all aspects of the home.
  • Lead by example, setting the pace and the standard.
  • Praise and recognise good performance.
  • Be able to challenge poor performance and report any problems to the  Registered Manager.
  • Be pro-active in problem solving.
  • Work on own initiative to manage problems and cascade to the  Registered Manager as necessary.
  • Promote the company ethos of quality care delivery and strive towards recognition by awarding bodies and outside agencies.
  • Ensure that all commodities used in and around the home are sensibly conserved by all staff members.
  • Ensure all cleaning and housekeeping jobs are completed within the shift.
  • Promote accountability of staff for actions.
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures of the company.
  • Ensure all staff members are aware of the company’s whistle blowing policy.
  • Actively marketing the home and promoting a positive personal professional profile within the local community, and ensuring the excellent reputation of the home at all times.
  • Supervising and mentoring staff members in all aspects of their work, giving assistance and guidance where necessary.
  • Maintaining and improving professional knowledge and competence. •      
  • Mentoring and peer supervising care workers and ensuring the correct documentation is completed and any problems, issues or concerns are reported to shift leader
  • To support and assess new staff after their inductions and support the senior care coordinator with the care certificate competencies.

Health and Safety

  • To advise the Registered Manager of any malfunction of heating, lighting or emergency systems and ensure the security of the home.
  • To ensure fire regulations are complied with and advise the Registered Manager if there are any areas of risk.
  • To ensure that all aspects of regulations regarding health and safety, basic food hygiene, infection control and environmental control are adhered to, and to advise the Registered Manager where action is required.
  • Reporting immediately to the Registered Manager any illness of an infectious nature or accident incurred by a resident, colleague, self or another.  Being responsible for infection control in the absence of the Registered Manager.
  • Understanding and ensuring the implementation of the home’s health and safety, infection control and hygiene policies, emergency fire procedures and all other relevant policies.
  • Carrying out duties in line with regulations from the Regulatory body (CQC) and the Health and Safety Act and Fire Regulations.
  • Reporting to the Registered Manager any faulty appliances, damaged furniture, equipment or any potential hazard.
  • Promoting safe working practice within the home.


  • Contributing to the safeguarding of adults by ensuring you are aware of your role in relation to the home’s safeguarding adults policy, taking steps to protect residents from any form of abuse or neglect and use appropriate reporting mechanisms to inform the Registered Manager of any concerns.
  • Adhering to all appropriate regulations and the General Social Care Code of Conduct.
  • Ensuring that all information of a confidential nature gained in the course of work is not divulged to third parties.
  • Notifying the  Registered Manager (or in the absence of the Registered Manager, the responsible person in charge) as soon as possible of your inability to report for duty, and also on your return to work from all periods of absence.
  • Ensuring the security of the home is maintained at all times.
  • Adhering to all company policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring equipment is kept clean and well maintained.
  • Carrying out any tasks that may be reasonably assigned to you.
  • To ensure that at all times the ethos of Springfield is maintained and the residents’ wellbeing is put first. 
  • To act professionally and be an example to other staff, and offer help and experience to other care staff.
  • To supervise staff effectively and raise any issues with the Registered Manager.
  • To attend staff meetings to promote the quality level within the home and a team approach. 
  • To support the Registered Manager in all aspects of the care and wellbeing of residents and maintenance of the home. 
  • To maintain the home environment and ensure that on shift commencement and shift finish, all personal care supplies have been checked and replenished, the home communal areas are clean, bins emptied, washing up done etc, and handover is given effectively to the next shift, and any changes in care needs, incidents, accidents, complaints or alerts are reported on email to the Registered Manager.

Additional duties

To ensure that at all times the ethos of Springfield is maintained, and the residents’ wellbeing is put first. 

To assist with covering shifts in times of absence or holiday.  To act professionally and be an example to other staff and offer help and experience to other care staff.

To attend staff meetings to promote the quality level within the home and a team approach

This job description indicates only the main duties and responsibilities of the post.  It is not intended as an exhaustive list.


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