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Springfield Garforth

Garforth, Leeds



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Kitchen Assistant

  • Under the direction of the Kitchen Manager; to assist in kitchen tasks connected with the cooking and preparation of meals and beverages whilst ensuring the highest quality, as required by the residents and management.
  • To carry out general kitchen and dining room duties, such as setting tables, washing up, serving meals etc.
  • To conform to the home’s food hygiene and infection control policy and in particular critical points/hazard analysis.  Personal appearance must be of an acceptable level, hair tied back, appropriate protective equipment worn and sensible non slip shoes should be worn.
  • To ensure all equipment is well maintained and in good working order and to report any defects to the chef in charge
  • To ensure all food served to residents meets or exceeds their expectations and work to promote healthy nutrition and hydration.
  • To provide food that meets residents’ individual needs and requirements.  To communicate with residents and read information to ensure all residents are catered for in the manner they prefer.
  • To conform to the home’s policies and procedures and maintain a safe working environment.
  • To be responsible for the preparation and cooking of light meals for residents following instructions from the chef in charge.
  • To ensure the kitchen and dining areas are clean, maintained and adhere to the cleanliness standards required by relevant legislation from environmental health and other regulatory bodies.

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